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Sectolin Clippers SE 210 Clipper Pro

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The SE-210 is a powerful 10W shaving machine for your horse. With the 2 included rechargeable batteries you can long and easily clip the small short-hair surfaces (such as ear and crown edges) of your horse. The machine is also equipped with a ceramic razor. It becomes less warm and stays sharp longer. The cutting width is also adjustable between 0.8 and 2.0 millimeters for extra precision. Please note that the blades of the Sectolin SE-210 Hair Clipper can unfortunately not be sharpened. Tips: - Do not try to shave the coat completely with this article. - This appliance is not suitable for shaving horses with a lot of wallpaper or horses with long and thick hair. - Make sure the coat is always clean before shaving. - Load the article well before you use it. - Lubricate the head with the supplied oil. - Spray the coat with Equishine if necessary. Specifications: - Charging time for one battery: 4 hours. - Shaving time one battery: 5 hours. - Power: 10 W - Voltage: 230 V What do you receive? - Sectolin SE-210 Hair clipper - Four comb attachments (3, 6, 9, 12 mm) - Charger - Oil - Brush


The SE 210 is a luxury ceramic razor with a rechargeable battery and a LED power indicator. This razor stays cool and stays sharp for a longer period of time. The machine is suitable for trimming small areas of your horse. It is packaged in a deluxe aluminum case including 4 combs, a table charger and a maintenance kit.

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Brand: Sectolin
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Sectolin Clippers SE 210 Clipper Pro

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