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Royal Doulton Polar Blue Dots 28cm Dinner Plate

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Dinner plate with fresh appearanceThis spacious dinner plate from the Ellen DeGeneres collection by Royal Doulton has fresh colors and a unique pattern . The blue lines and dots embrace your dish on the ivory white plate. You can combine the different products from this series to combine but you can also make it more exciting by combining them with other series from the collection. The board is suitable for everyday use.Royal Doulton and Ellen DeGeneresThe American comedian and presenter Ellen DeGeneres can share her passion for interior design with the world thanks to the collaboration she has entered into with Royal Doulton. The 'ED' collection is inspired by Ellens's love for artists and designers from the mid-21st century, natural materials and African influences. This results in a rustic, modern and stylish collection. By the combination of textures and colors you can combine the dishes of the different series.


Inspired by Ellen's love of artisanal, yet simple designs, ED crafted by Royal Doulton encourages everyone to embrace their own style and express their individuality throughout all parts of life. Ellen's Blue Dinnerware Story features this Polar Blue Dots pattern, which can be mixed and matched with all the blue pieces in the collection. Created with a series of concentric dots and lines to be stylish and functional, this range can be purchased loose as well as a 16-Piece Set.

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Brand: Royal Doulton
  • 0701587335300
  • Porcelain
  • Lightblue/ivory
  • 40027580

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Royal Doulton Polar Blue Dots 28cm Dinner Plate