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Panaro 191 Tackle Box 245x165x40mm (5 options)

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Euromex Prepare set in plastic box This Euromex Prepare set contains basic tools with which you can prepare your own preparations. Making microscope observations becomes more interesting when you are able to make your own preparations. This set is suitable for amateurs, but also for teaching, for example practicals. The set comes in a handy plastic box.The contents of the set This Euromex preparation set consists of the following parts:3 x finished preparation50 x slide100 x coverslip2 x Glass slide with cavityEnclosure1 x straight preparation needle, with plastic handle1 x Lancet-shaped preparation needle, with plastic handle1 x Microscopic tweezers with pointed tips (13 centimeters long)1 x Microscope scissors with pointed ends (11 centimeters long)1 x Scalpel, blunt shape (15 centimeters long)The microscopic tweezers and the microscope scissors are made of stainless steel.


Panaro 191 Tackle Box - 5 available options - Dimensions: 245×165×40mm - Material: Polypropylene - Worm proof - Transparent - Impact resistant - Top quality closure - Keep all of your tackle nicely organised - Suitable for soft baits, plugs, floats, small tackle, etc. The spacious Panaro 191 series is made of very durable polypropylene. These boxes are also worm proof and therefore suitable for soft baits. These transparent boxes feature a top quality closure. The perfect way for keeping all of your tackle nicely organised!

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Brand: Euromex
  • 8011236191006
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Panaro 191 Tackle Box 245x165x40mm (5 options)

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