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Leonardo Double Walled Coffee Glasses Duo 25 cl 2 Piece

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For hot coffee or cold waterThis modern coffee glass is double-walled, so the contents for a remain hotlong time, but the outside of the glass does not get hot. So you can easily take the glass with you when you are ready to leave the house. In the summer you can fill the glass with water or juice. The material makes your drink stay cool for longer. The glass is supplied as set of two and is dishwasher safe. LeonardoFamily business Glaskoch was founded in 1859 and today is one of the leading glass suppliers in Europe. Leonardo was brought to life in 1972. The brand has a great passion for glass . Leonardo's glass dish is suitable for all occasions and appeals to the senses. The products have a timeless look and are companions that beautify everyday life and every aspect in it and make it easier. Leonardo adds a touch Italian lifestyle to it.

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Brand: Leonardo
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  • Glass
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Leonardo Double Walled Coffee Glasses Duo 25 cl 2 Piece