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Falcon Eyes Studio Flash Set TFK 2900L with LCD Screen

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Complete studio flash set This Falcon Eyes Studio Flash Set consists of two TF-900Ws flash units, two tripods, two softboxes, a remote control and a suitcase that fits everything. This handy case makes it extra easy to take your set with you wherever you go. The set is for the photographer who likes to work professionally. Professional flashThe Falcon Eyes Studio Flash TF-900L is a professional studio flash with a capacity of 900 Ws. The flash unit has a setting lamp with 250 watts of power. The setting lamp can be switched on and off and the power can be set proportional to the flash output. Furthermore, the studio flash contains a digital display and a ready indication with light and / or sound signals. In addition, it also includes an S-bayonet connection, a fast charging time, robust metal housing and a protection against overheating. Distinctive features The Falcon Eyes TF-L series strobes are advanced strobes for the demanding studio photographer. There are three distinctive features:The LCD screen: You can read all settings accurately on this digital display. You can also use previous settings again. The possibility to use a remote control for the settings: with the wireless remote control you can change the settings, such as the flash power, while the flash is out of range. The possibility to have the slave receiver respond to the first, second or third flash: So you can let the flash go off whenever you want. Supplied tripods and softboxesThe stands that come with it have an adjustable working height between 109 and 260 cm. They are sturdy and lightweight which makes it easy to take them with you. The softboxes are of high quality and are neatly finished. The dimensions of the boxes are 80 x 100 cm. Accessories When you buy a flash or a flash set, you soon want to play more with light. You need additional accessories for this. The studio flash has an S-bayonet which contributes to the wide range of accessories.


The Falcon Eyes Studio Flash Set TFK-2900L with LCD Screen is a very complete set for professional use. Included in the delivery is a sturdy case with wheels with which you can easily transport the studio flash set. The studio flash set comes with the modern Falcon Eyes TF-900L studio flash. This professional studio flash has a flash power of 900W and comes with all the necessary accessories to start immediately. This professional studio flash offers a fast charging time, a sturdy metal housing, a bayonet connection for accessories, a built-in infrared receiver and highly accurate adjustment options. The modeling light can of course be switched on and off. The power can be adjusted proportionally to the set flash intensity. Other features include an automatic power dump function and protection against overheating. Features of the Falcon Eyes Studio Flash Set TFK-2900L with LCD Screen * Studio flash set for professional use * Studio flash units with clear LCD display * Including intelligent remote control * Included are tripods, softboxes, reflectors and a case Supplied as standard with the Falcon Eyes Studio flash set TFK-2900L with LCD screen * 2 x Studio Flash TF-900L * 2 x W806 Tripod (114-260cm) * 2 x Softbox (80 x 100cm) * 1 x CC-02 case (125 x 35 x 28cm) * 1 x RC-2L Remote Control * 2 x Reflector * 2 x Modeling lamp * 2 x Power cord * 2 x Sync cable * User manual (in English)

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Falcon Eyes Studio Flash Set TFK 2900L with LCD Screen

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