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Falcon Eyes Studio flash set SSK 2250D

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The Falcon Eyes Studio Flash Set SSK-2250D is a studio flash set that is very suitable for a small studio or passport photo corner. Thanks to the compact dimensions and light weight, the set is also easy to take with you for photography on location. The flash tube is easy to replace yourself. The set is packed in a beautiful gift box, complete with all necessary cables. The set includes 2 flash units, 2 tripods, 2 softboxes of 50 x 70 cm, 2 setting lamps (50 W), 2 flash tubes, 2 synchronization cables, 2 power cables and a manual (English) so that you can get started right away. There are optional accessories for the SS flash units, such as a valve set, snoot, color filters, honeycomb and various sizes of softboxes. Features * Type: Studio flash * Flash power (Watt): 250 * Series: SS (Falcon Eyes) * Flash adjustability: 1/16 to full * Adjustability lamp: On / off * Fitting setting lamp: G6.35 flashlight * Color temperature: 5500 Kelvin * Test button: Yes * Ready indication: Indication by LED and beeper (can be switched off) * Slave receiver: Built-in, switchable on and off * Guide number ISO100: 38 * Engine cooling: No engine cooling * Housing: Plastic * Weight: 900 grams * Connection accessories: 9.5 cm neck (clamping system) * Power setting lamp (Watt): 50 * Charging time: 1 - 2.5 seconds * Flash duration: 1 / 700-1 / 1000 seconds * Dimensions: 25 x 18 x 20 cm Package contents * 2 x Flash units SS-250D * 2 x Tripod I-2501 (black, 250 cm high) * 2 x Softbox SSA-SB5070 (50 x 70 cm) * 2 x Setting lamp 50W (pitch) * 2 x Flash tube * 2 x Synchronization cable * 2 x Power cable * User manual (English)


Studio flash set for small studio or on locationWith the Falcon Eyes Studio Flash Set SSK-2250D you have the design of a small studio in house. Thanks to its compact size and light weight , the set can also be used on location. The flash tube of this set is easy to replace yourself, in case it is broken once. Multiple models of the SSK seriesThe SSK series is available in different models , with 150, 200, 250 and 300 Ws studio flash units. The difference between the different strobes is in the wattage. A higher wattage provides more light, allowing larger objects to be photographed. The flash can thus continue to flash. In addition, studio flashes with a higher wattage provide less shadow.Successor SSK-2150FThe Falcon Eyes Studio Flash Set SSK-2250D is the new version of the SSK-2150F. The biggest improvement point is the adjustability of the flash. This has changed from 1/8-full to 1/16-full. This makes the studio flash even more precise to the situation, and you can also take photos with less light.AccessoriesA 15 cm reflector is included with the Falcon Eyes Studio Flash Set SSK-2250D. You can also use the supplied softboxes to make the light more diffuse. The flash set is also equipped with two stands of 250 cm high. Although this studio flash set without additives is already easy to use, it can be further expanded with accessories to make the light harder, softer or more diffuse for example.

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Brand: Falcon Eyes
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  • Plastic
  • Black
  • Unisex
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Falcon Eyes Studio flash set SSK 2250D

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