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Bresser Sp. zmar 12 36x70 zw. por. zm

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Bresser Special 12-36x70 ZoomarThe Bresser Special 12 to 36x binoculars are ideal when high magnifications are necessary. With a minimum magnification of 12X it is the bigger brother of the Bresser 7-35x50. The use of higher magnifications is especially practical when observing ships off the coast or in situations where someone is skiing down a distant mountain. The only disadvantage of prism binoculars with a zoom is the mobility of the optical parts. Bresser Special 12-36x70 Zoomar binoculars are therefore prone to earlier replacement than binoculars with a fixed magnification.Easy to zoomWith the lever attached on the right side of the binoculars one can easily zoom in. This allows you to keep the binoculars at your eyes and focus on the object you wish to observe. At magnifications higher than 10x, we recommend using a tripod. The tripod can be purchased separately by looking at bundle deals. The tripod adapter needed to fix the binoculars to the tripod mount is separate and delivered free with the binoculars.Specifications: Bake 4 glass, Fully multi-coatedBK4 glass Material:The lens of a telescope can be made from BK4 glass and BK7 glass. BK4 is qualitatively better and gives a clearer image. The Special has BK4 glass.Fully multi-coated glassBinoculars can have a coating, a multi-coating or be fully multi coated. The latter has a higher light transmission thus the images are clearer and sharper. The Zoomar is equipped with FMC (Fully multi-coated glass)Central focusThe Zoomar has a focus knob in the middle of the binoculars, so you can focus the binoculars very easily.Rubber CoatingThe exterior of the binoculars has a rubber coating. Thus, the Bresser Spezial 12-36x70 Zoomar binoculars are comfortable to hold and will fit well in your hand.The Bresser Special 12-36x70 comes with:Nylon BagBeltTripod AdapterCleaning Cloth


Bresser Sp. zmar 12-36x70 zw. por.-zm

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Brand: Bresser
  • 4007922142029
  • Black
  • Unisex
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Bresser Sp. zmar 12 36x70 zw. por. zm

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