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Bresser Microscope Trino Researcher 40 1000X

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User-friendly and affordable microscope Are you looking for an affordable and sturdy microscope with a good price / quality ratio? Then the Bresser Trino Researcher is an ideal solution. This biological microscope is very suitable for secondary and higher education to carry out all educational experiments. The Bresser trino Researcher makes discovering and studying the micro world simple, educational and playfulTrinocular: with two eyes look & option for microscopes camera This microscope is trinocular, this means that the microscope is equipped with two eyepieces with which you can simultaneously see through both eyes. In addition to these two eyepieces there is also space for a third eyepiece at the top, which is usually used to connect a camera. A big advantage of a trinocular microscope is that while you look through the microscope you can simultaneously take photos and film images of the objects to be studied. If you use a CCD camera, you can also watch the bystanders through a monitor. The only drawback of a trinocular microscope is that it is often more expensive than a binocular or monocular telescope because of the extra tube.Lighting This microscope is equipped with a 6 volt 20 watt halogen lamp. The illumination comes as with every biological microscope from below so that the specimen is translucent lighted. The halogen lamp is very bright and fully adjustable so you always get the right amount of lighting according to your wishesOther Properties The Bresser Trino Researcher microscope is based on a solid metal housing and has a magnification of 40-1000x. This is achieved with 4 objectives (4x, 10x, 40x and 100x) and one pair of (interchangeable) eyepieces. The 40x and 100x lenses are spring-loaded (this provides protection against damage). The 100x objective is suitable for oil immersion microscopy (immersion oil supplied). The Halogen lamp (20W) is clear and the intensity can be set with a dimmer. The adjustable Abbe condenser has a blue filter and an iris setting.Use of the microscope The microscope is equipped with a coarse control and a fine adjustment (regulation). With the control you can obtain the desired sharpness at every possible magnification. In addition, this microscope has a cross table for perfect positioning of the object. The head is rotatable 360 ​​degrees and has a dioptie setting for both eyes, making the microscope in use very suitable for anyone who wants to observe.


The Bresser Trino Researcher 40-1000X Microscope is based on a solid metal body and performs the wide magnification range 40x-1000x. That is reached with 4 objectives (4x, 10x, 40x and 100x) and one pair of (replaceable) eyepieces. The 40x- and 100x-objective are retractable (safeguarding against damages). The 100x-objective is intended for oil immersion microscopy (immersion oil is included). The LED lamp (20W) is very bright, and its intensity is variable with a dimmer. The adjustable Abbe condenser is equipped with a blue filter and an iris diaphragm. There are focusers with coarse and fine drive for dead-sharp images, and a mechanical desk for exact object positioning. The binocular head is 360 degrees rotable and also it makes possible the individual adjustment of eye relief as well as the diopter adjustment. Instead of a binocular head, the Trino Researcher Bresser microscope has a trinocular head. This allows you to observe with both eyes while taking pictures (you can use a PC eye piece). In the Box * Bresser Microscope Trino Researcher 40-1000X * 1 Pair of DIN eye pieces WF10x * Objective turret with four objective holders * 4 DIN Objectives: 4x / 0.1, 10x / 0.25, 40x / 0.65, 100x / 1:25 oil immersion * Capacitor * Cross table with vernier-scale * Fine and coarse adjustment * Easy dust cover * Immersion oil * 220V / 240V AC

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Bresser Microscope Trino Researcher 40 1000X

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