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Bresser Microscope Bino Researcher 40 1000X

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Bresser Bino Researcher 40-1000x: excellent entry model Starting researchers in the world of microscopy get an excellent tool with this Bino Researcher. This model is among the best in its price range. Since his introduction he has been immensely popular, mainly because he has an excellent price-quality ratio. It can be quickly made ready for use, so that in no time you can discover the wondrous micro-world of sludge animals, leaf greens and tissue structures. Binocular This binocular microscope uses two tubes, so that you can view the sample with both eyes. It is not recommended to use a camera with a binocular microscope because the light is distributed in a binocular microscope over the two tubes and light is lost. If you want to use a camera (in the future), you should consider a trinocular microscope or (if the budget is not sufficient) a monocular microscope. Eyepiece and objective This microscope is equipped with an eyepiece that magnifies 10x. This is used in combination with one of the four supplied DIN lenses (with 4x, 10, 40x or 100x magnification), so that you have a magnification range of 40x-1000x. The 40x and 100x objectives have a resilient mount and thus provide protection against damage. With its oil immersion, the 100x objective has been made suitable for microscopy of substances with the refractive index of 1.25. The lenses supplied with this microscope are achromatic . Achromatic objectives are the simplest objectives: they correct color differences and have approximately a flat field of 65% (measured over the entire image field).Abbe condenser The Abbe condenser is the most common condenser used in most microscopes. An Abbe condenser can have a maximum numerical aperture (NA) 1.4 (in the more expensive microscopes) and works with two lenses (in the more expensive models with 3 or more lenses) which ensure that the light is bundled so that it shines on the specimen. The Abbe condenser does not correct for image errors and color separation (you should use an aplanatic, achromatic or a combination of both condensers, which are only supplied in the high end microscopes of Nikon, Leica & Zeiss).Lighting The Bresser Bino Researcher 40-1000x has a halogen lighting of 20W. A big advantage of a halogen lamp is that the colors are very lifelike and pleasant to the eye. The lamp is adjustable by means of a dimmer which gives you, in combination with the coarse and fine adjustment knob and the rotating head, a huge control over the image. Specifications:Binocular brightfield microscopeObjective revolver with four objectives (4x / 0.1, 10x / 0.25, 40x / 0.65, 100x / 1.25 oil immersion)Abbe capacitor (NA 1.25)Cross table with vernier scaleHalogen lamp (including spare lamp)Coarse and fine-tuning220V / 240V mains current


The Bresser Bino Researcher 40-1000X Microscope is a bestseller the middle segment in biological microscopes from Bresser. This is because of the excellent quality/price ratio. The microscope has a robust metal body and performs very well with a large variety of magnification possibilities of 40x-1000x. This is achieved with four DIN-objectives and a pair of DIN eyepieces. The 40x and 100x DIN objectives are retractable for added protection from damage. The 100x-objective is intended for oil immersion microscopy (immersion oil is included). The LED lamp (20W) is clear, the intensity is adjustable with a dimmer. The adjustable Abbe double lens condenser is equipped with a blue filter and iris diaphragm. Focussing is done through the use of the coarse and fine adjustment wheels, it provides exceptional bright images. Furthermore, this microscope has a mechanical stage for exact object positioning. The binocular head is 360 degrees rotable and also it makes possible the individual adjustment of eye relief as well as the diopter adjustment. In the Box * Bresser Bino Researcher Microscope 40x-1000x * 1 Pair of DIN eye pieces WF10x * Objective turret with four objective holders * 4 DIN Objectives: 4x / 0.1, 10x / 0.25, 40x / 0.65, 100x / 1:25 oil immersion * Capacitor * Cross table with vernier-scale * Fine and coarse adjustment * Immersion oil * Easy dust cover * 220V / 240V AC

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Bresser Microscope Bino Researcher 40 1000X

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