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Bresser Microscope 5804000 Advance ICD 10x 160x

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The advanced microscope for everyone This trinocular stereomicroscope is very suitable for getting acquainted with the world of microscopy. All kinds of tissues, fossils and textures can easily be observed under this microscope. The Bresser Advance ICD has a zoom lens with 0.65 to 4.5x magnification. It comes standard with a 2x conversion lens that ensures that the standard magnification is increased once again. When you use the third tube for your camera, for example, the image remains visible in an eyepiece. In combination with the WF 10x / 20 eyepieces with this is an excellent tool for the amateur microscopist.Trinocular microscope A trinocular microscope is basically the same as a binocular microscope but with an extra tube where a microscope camera can be attached. A trinocular microscope can be both a biological and a stereomicroscope. The advantage of a trinocular microscope is that you can watch both with the eyes and with a camera that is connected to the computer. Lighting and objective The transmitted light of the Advance microscope is formed by a 10 watt halogen lamp with dimmer (for continuous variation in light intensity). The advantage of a halogen lamp is that these lamps are easy to replace and have a warmer color temperature compared to LED lamps.Zoom lens: use different magnifications The Bresser Advance comes standard with a zoom lens that can be rotated to achieve different magnifications. The lenses have a magnification of 1x to 4x respectively. With the included eyepieces of 10x and 20x an enlargement is achieved of respectively 10x and 40x and 20x and 80x. Thanks to the add-on lens, the magnification is doubled again, so you get a maximum magnification of 160x.What is supplied?Bresser Advance ICDConversion lensBlue filterRubber eyecupsDust coverPower cable


The Bresser Microscope Advance ICD 10x-160x is a high performance stereo microscope for amateur and professional purposes. The Advance ICD is a trinocular microscope with incident and transmission light, which has excellent performance in terms of optical quality at a very affordable price. The Advance ICD is height adjustable and the head can rotate 360 °. You can make photos or recordings with a pc eyepiece because of the trinocular port. So you can simultaneously observe and take pictures. The images are very colorful, rich in contrast and detail. This is also made possible by the good halogen lighting, that you can also dim. The eye distance between the two eyepieces is easy to set up. Do you want to start using the Bresser Advance ICD in combination with an SLR, you'll need a special projection camera adapter to achieve the best results with this microscope. See under accessories. Package Contents * Bresser Advance ICD Microscope 10x-160x * 2x Conversion Lens * Blue Filter * Incident Light glass disk, matt * Transmission Light glass disk, black / white * Trinocular conversion piece * Rubber eyecups * Dust cap * 230 V AC power cord (13V / 3.3 A)

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Bresser Microscope 5804000 Advance ICD 10x 160x

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