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Bresser LCD Microscope 3.5'' 50 2000x 5MP

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Research plants, insects and small minerals This microscope is ideal for students and students; it can be viewed with several people at the same time on the LCD screen. It is equipped with top and bottom lighting, which are both adjustable. To see colorless objects better, a color wheel has been integrated.Magnification and accessories The magnification is 50x-500x, but the maximum digital magnification is no less than 2000x. It comes with many accessories, including slides, coverslips, specimens, microscope cutlery and even a breeding installation for shrimps. Connect the microscope to your PC The microscope can be connected to your PC via a USB cable. The LCD microscope is also equipped with an SD card reader. Once the microscope is connected to the PC, you can no longer use the "live view" function.Camera for photo and video The microscope is equipped with an integrated photo / video camera with a resolution of up to 1600 x 1200. The photos are included as a Jpeg file and the videos are saved in Quicktime format.


The Bresser LCD Microscope 3.5 '' 50x-2000x 5MP has a large LCD monitor which allows several people to view objects at the same time. This is an ideal property for, for example, students and schoolchildren. The microscope has a light dimmer and switch for incident light and transmission light. The magnification is 50x - 500x. If you use the digital magnification you can even magnify the object up to 2000x (4x digital magnification). The Bresser LCD microscope has a USB connector so you can connect the microscope to the computer. This microscope also has a card reader for SD cards (up to 32GB). So you can save your work easily. The microscope is especially suitable for viewing small organisms, insects, plants and small minerals. Package Contents * 3.5 inch LCD Microscope Bresser 50x - 500x (2000x Digital) * 4x / 10x / 40x lenses * Mechanical stage with Vernier scale * USB cable (2 m) * 6-Color Filter Wheel * Prepared Slides (5st.) * Property Carriers (10st). * Cover slides (20st). * Microscope Utensils * Microtome

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Brand: Bresser
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Bresser LCD Microscope 3.5'' 50 2000x 5MP

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