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BRESSER 58.03100 Microscopio de investigación ICD LED con batería

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Bresser Bino Researcher: suitable for taking in the field This Researcher ICD LED Accu microscope is an all-round instrument under the Bresser microscopes: it is a high quality stereo microscope and there is also the option for biological use. In addition, the microscope comes with a battery so that it can also be taken in the field. The binocular head is rotatable 360 ​​degrees and offers a comfortable view in all observation positions. The eyepiece has an adjustable eye relief and there is a provision for the dioptre setting. This Bresser microscope gives images that are detailed and have a good contrast.Very large working distance With a working distance of a minimum of 63 to a maximum of 100 mm, this microscope is ideal for larger objects such as observing stones, insects, electronics and other large objects. Stereo microscope with extra biological function Because this microscope is equipped with two LED lamps, both light (through the preparation) and light can be used. Thus, with this stereomicroscope, small objects can be viewed, through light as larger objects that are illuminated at the top. Both light sources are infinitely adjustable.With LED lighting: has the future This is a newly developed model from Bresser which is equipped with LED. LED does not have a high light output but is also extremely energy-efficient. Because this Bresser researcher is equipped with LED and a battery, it is possible to observe for a very long time without having to be connected to the mains again. Make use of three different magnifications The Bresser Researcher is standard equipped with 3 lenses that can be rotated. The lenses have a magnification of 2x and 4x respectively. With the included eyepieces of 10x and 20x a magnification of 20x, 40x & 80x is achieved respectively. Should you need higher magnifications later on, separate eyepieces can be purchased later with a higher magnification. In the box:Dust cover1 pair of plastic eyecups230V mains cable


The Bresser Microscope Researcher ICD LED has a built-in Battery Microscope 20-80x and offers, thanks to the great flexibility and very high operating distance, an excellent base for a variety of perceptions. The rugged metal housing in combination with the excellent optics, make this incident light microscope into a valuable tool. For both the amateur and the demanding professional user. The LED lighting can be regulated infinitely. The working height is minimum 63mm and maximum 100mm. You can set the magnification with a simple turn of the lens at 20x, 40x or 80x. The binocular viewing is easy to set to the eye distance and the eyepiece has a fast-acting eye correction. For other magnifications optional stronger eyepieces are available. Package Contents * Bresser Researcher ICD LED / Battery Microscope 20-80x * Dust cover * One pair of plastic eyecups * 230 V AC power cord (13V / 3.3 A)

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BRESSER 58.03100 Microscopio de investigación ICD LED con batería

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