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Beurer BG 51 XXL Diagnostic Scale ( 5 Years Warranty )

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Scale for heavier people Many scales have a maximum weighing capacity of up to approximately 150 kilograms. If you are overweight and want to monitor your body weight, for example because you are currently losing weight, you obviously want to be able to stand safely on a scale without having to worry about whether the scale can handle your weight. The Beurer BG 51 XXL is a scale that is specially designed for heavier people and has a maximum weighing capacity of 200 kilograms. Specifications BG 51 XXL The BG 51 XXL personal scale can not only determine your body weight, but also the percentage of body fat, fluid and muscle and bone mass. In addition, the scale indicates your calorie requirement and the BG 51 XXL can calculate your BMI. A healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) is between 20 and 25. If you see a figure below 18.5 you are probably underweight. At a number above 30 there is obesity. The Beurer personal scale with analysis function has a clear display on which you can read at a glance what the measured values ​​are. The scale is supplied with batteries. How does an analysis scale work? The Beurer BG 51 XXL is a glass scale that works through the Bio-electric Impedance Analysis. With this method, a weak current is sent through the body. By measuring the resistance, it can be determined how much the fat percentage is, et cetera. Because muscle tissue and water have a good electrical conductivity, they have a low resistance. Bone and adipose tissue, on the other hand, conduct less well and have a high resistance. The displayed values ​​give an indication. So you can not attach medical conclusions to this. Tips when weighing For a correct measurement of your weight it is important that you place the scale on a flat surface. In addition, you must take into account the following points:Do not use this scale if you have a pacemaker or are pregnantAlways stand in the middle of the scales and stand stillWeigh as much as possible at the same time (preferably in the morning, but always wait about 15 minutes so that the body can distribute the body fluid)Before you weigh, go to the toilet and weigh yourself without clothing to achieve similar resultsStand with bare feet on the scale. In the case of an analysis scale, you can best do this with slightly moistened soles. Dry feet conduct worse.

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Beurer BG 51 XXL Diagnostic Scale ( 5 Years Warranty )