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Amazonas Paradiso Family Hammock (Colour: yellow/brown/...)

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Amazonas Paradiso This XXL hammock is suitable for relaxation with multiple persons at the same time. What makes this hammock so special is that it is made up of nearly 5000 threads. There are however only a few looms in the world capable of producing this 175 centimetre wide cloth. If you choose the Amazonas Paradiso then you are in possession of a truly unique family hammock. The maximum carrying capacity of this hammock is 200 kilograms. The weight of the hammock itself is 2,5 kilograms. Available in various models This contemporary hammock is available in six different versions. You can choose from the following models:You can choose from the models mentioned below.Amazonas Paradiso Natura (beige)Amazonas Paradiso Rubin (red, white)Amazonas Paradiso Silver (anthracite grey)Amazonas Paradiso Terracotta (brown, red)Amazonas Paradiso Tropical (blauw, brown, green, orange, yellow, red)Amazonas Paradiso Esmeralda (orange, yellow, green, brown)How to hang up a hammock? Before you can use a hammock, you have to hang it up in a suitable place. You can use for this stand use to hang the hammock in or the hammock hanging for example between two trees. You need extra rope for this. When hanging up a hammock, you need to make sure the cords run as straight as possible. So do not twist or tie them together! Next, you have to make sure the hammock sags when hung up, and that it hangs 20 to 40 centimeters above the ground when you sit down in it. A hammock will usually stretch 5 to 15 percent, something to keep in mind when hanging it up. Sitting down in your hammock Is your hammock hung up safely? Then you can start relaxing! The best way to get in a hammock is to turn your back towards it, grab the hammock with your hands and then sit down. After that you can find a comfortable position. The most comfortable position in a traditional hammock is diagonally. Getting out is done by first moving your legs out of the hammock. Attention!Never put your feet in the hammock first, do not practice gymnastics in it and never put your head between the ropes. Handy accessories There are a few handy accessories available for the Paradiso hammock by Amazonas. For example a hammock stand.Hammock stand Arcus: stand to hang a hammock inHammock stand Madera: stand to hang a hammock on

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Brand: Amazonas
  • 4030454005272
  • Cotton
  • Yellow/green/brown
  • AZ-1019250


Amazonas Paradiso Family Hammock (Colour: yellow/brown/...)