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Amazonas Brasilia Hammock with spreader (Colour: beige)

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Comfortable and convenientThe Brasilia hammock from the brand Amazonas has a spreader with a width of 100 centimeters. Hammocks with a spreader are very easy to use compared to hammocks without a spreader. The spreader ensures the hammock cloth stays open, even when you get into the hammock. The Brasilia is made of cotton and has a maximum carrying capacity of 150 kg. The dimensions of the hammock cloth of this single hammock is 210 x 140 centimeters. How do you properly hang a hammock?Before you can use a hammock, you need to find a suitable spot for it. You could use a hammock stand so you can use the hammock wherever you want, or you could hang the hammock between two trees or on the ceiling. For this, you will need additional mounting materials. When hanging the hammock, you need to make sure the hanging cords are as straight as possible. Furthermore, you need to ensure the hammock hangs about 20 to 40 centimeters above ground when you take place in the hammock. Normally, a hammock expands 5 to 10 per cent, please take this into account when hanging the hammock. Taking place in the hammockDid you find a good spot and hangs your hammock safely? Now is the time to relax! You can easily get into a hammock with a spreader. The spreader ensures the hammock stays open at all times, even when you want to sit or lie down. You can also easily get out again by placing your feet on the ground first. Please note. Never place your feet first in the hammock, do not do any gymnastic exercises in the hammock and never place your head between the ropes.

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Brand: Amazonas
  • 4030454002905
Material: cotton
Color: beige


Amazonas Brasilia Hammock with spreader (Colour: beige)