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Aerolatte Mokkavista percolator (Height: 19,5 cm)

Image of Aerolatte Mokkavista percolator (Height: 19,5 cm)
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For an Italian cup of coffee Make perfect Italian espresso at home with the 'Mokavista' percolator from Aerolatte. The percolator makes a strong container through steam pressure coffee right away deep taste . It is fun to experience the process, but it is even more fun that you can enjoy a box made in an Italian way. It works easily Fill the bottom part with water, the dash inside shows the maximum level. Fill the filter with coffee, preferably an espresso coffee and place the jug on the heat source. Slowly bring the water to the boil until the coffee is simmering to the upper part. Thanks to the smart sight glass in the lid you can see exactly when this starts so that you can switch off the heat source in time. The espresso maker is suitable for all heat sources except induction.

Product Details

Brand: Aerolatte
Category: Home & Garden
EAN: 5039179001421
Material: aluminium/plastic
Color: silver


Aerolatte Mokkavista percolator (Height: 19,5 cm)