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Aerolatte cafetière (Height: 18 cm)

Image of Aerolatte cafetière (Height: 18 cm)
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For extra aromatic coffee Relax and enjoy a nice cup of coffee? With this cafetière from Aerolatte, also called 'French Press', you can enjoy rich, aromatic coffee. Making coffee with a cafetiere is easy Fill the jug with the right amount of coffee and just not boiling water. The smart size distribution on the glass can show you the correct ratio between the amount of coffee and water. After a few minutes, you press the coffee to the bottom and enjoy a rich, aromatic coffee. A coffee spoon is included. The cafetière also has a removable dishwasher-safe glass jar for easy cleaning. In addition, the spout is equipped with a microfilter, a second filter to prevent drap in your coffee.

Product Details

Brand: Aerolatte
Category: Home & Garden
EAN: 5039179001315
Material: stainless steel/plastic/glass
Color: transparent


Aerolatte cafetière (Height: 18 cm)