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EcuaFina in a nutshell

Since her first footstep on Ecuadorian soil, the founder of EcuaFina , Rebecca Braak, has been in love with the land, its people, the rich culture and handmade products. EcuaFina literally means: the most beautiful (fina) products from Ecuador. These products (often made from soft alpaca wool) include alpaca throws, sweaters, and hats. Traditionally, these products are made by the Quichua Indians who live in the Andes mountains and live by trading their own merchandise. She thought that these beautiful products could also enrich (color) many a European households and so the idea began to grow for a store of its own. But, in a way that suits Rebecca: direct contact with the weavers and for a fair price.
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Fair Trade and Direct Sourced

Many people today are familiar with terms such as Fair Trade and corporate social responsibility, but Rebecca personally ensures that these concepts are adhered to for EcuaFina. How? Rebecca spends a large part of the year in Ecuador and is then in direct contact (direct sourced) with the artisans.


It is so important that we trade fairly in the world, only then can we all benefit from each other and grow. As a customer of EcuaFina you not only buy a beautiful plaid, you contribute in a very direct way to the life of an Ecuadorian craftsman or professional and we are very proud of that!

EcuaFina in the press

In January 2019, Rebecca made her dream come true and the EcuaFina Travel Concept Store in Zutphen, NL, was opened by both the mayor of Zutphen, Annemieke Vermeulen, and the ambassador of Ecuador, Fernando Bucheli. Since then, EcuaFina's success story has appeared in various press such as National television, Margriet and Happinez. In 2021, new product lines were added, such as luxury products made of 100% alpaca wool, native pillows and alpaca native plaids in new designs.

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