Looking for something special, something personal? Perhaps a special ring or bracelet, an exclusive necklace, original earrings or another special piece of jewellery. Perhaps because you want to get engaged, because you are getting married or for another moment worthy of celebration. Wherever you look, you will always find the same thing. The same generic items, never customised pieces. Whenever you see something that appeals to you on a personal level at a jeweller’s, the price is usually rather off-putting. At DiamondsByMe, we make handmade and exclusive jewellery such as signet rings, wedding rings or engagement rings available to everyone.
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You can have our jewellery made by us, or customise it yourself to suit your own style and taste.

Using the configurator, you can add a personal twist to rings for both ladies and men, earrings, necklaces and more. You can choose between gold, silver and platinum as well as 18 different stones, including 4 types of diamonds, 5 precious stones and 8 semi-precious stones, all of which are also available in various sizes. The most recent type of stone to be added to our range are the so-called lab-grown diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds possess exactly the same brilliance, hardness and quality as natural diamonds, but are 30% cheaper and more sustainable.

By combining the latest technologies in the jewellery industry with centuries of goldsmithing craftsmanship, and by manufacturing jewellery on an order-by-order basis, we are able to offer our personalised handmade jewellery at an affordable price. As a result, there is plenty of choice and something for every budget.

Buying your dream piece of jewellery online is made easier at DiamondsByMe because we will send each piece of jewellery in advance, in the form of a 3D print. This allows you to wear, fit and see the jewellery first, prior to placing an order.

The 3D jewellery is printed in its actual size, so you will receive an almost identical replica. This way, there will be no unwanted surprises.

Would you like to create your own design?

Feel free to contact us to discuss your wishes with our designers. Based on all the information you provide, and provided our master goldsmiths are able to create your personal design, we will then provide you with a quote. It will then be time to bring your custom design to life! Our specialist designers will start working on creating a 3D drawing, a so-called 'render', of your personal design.

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