AUTODOC is Europe’s leading online retailer for car parts. As the highest-growth company in this branch, with revenue growth of 48% in the 2019 financial year to approximately 615 million euros (from 415 million euros in 2018), AUTODOC aims to further develop its position. Thanks to its successful expansion, AUTODOC now operates in 26 other European countries along with Germany. AUTODOC shows its strong customer focus through social media activities, technical support in the languages of the countries it operates in, and a demand-based range. The product portfolio currently includes around 2.5 million products from 870 manufacturers for 166 car brands. From brake systems to body parts, shock absorbers and springs, exhaust systems, interior elements, steering systems and clutches, to air-conditioning and heating systems, repair kits and engine oil, the online retailer offers a wide range of products. AUTODOC AG is head-quartered in Berlin, Germany, and is completely owner-operated.
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A selection of brands available at AUTODOC

The following brands are available in the AUTODOC webshop: JAPANPARTS, Dunlop, KNIPEX, RING, Stanley, Hella, Kolpo, Monacor

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The following categories are available in the AUTODOC webshop: Vehicle Parts & Accessories, Vehicles & Parts, Motor Vehicle Parts, Outdoor Recreation, Electronics Accessories, Electronics, Fishing, Sporting Goods