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You probably never think about it, but your watch may be your most faithful companion who determines the rhythm of your life year after year. It's only when your clock is suddenly stopped, due to an empty battery or a malfunction, that you suddenly realize how indispensable watches are. The word 'watch' comes from the French language, but if you make a comparison with Dutch you see something remarkable: 'watch' means 'clock' in French, while 'montre' is the French word for us 'watch'. Not quite correctly copied from French so by our distant ancestors. A watch is not only a useful accessory but also a fashion item. They come in many different models, colors and designs. You can compare watches with jewelry: you want them to be beautiful, stylish and tasteful.
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From cardigan pocket to digital

Until the 15th century, timepieces were large, bulky, and heavy. Sailors, however, felt the need for a portable clock to help them navigate. The German clockmaker Peter Henlein came up with the first portable movement with a spring mechanism in 1508. These first watches were worn on a chain around the neck. You can compare them with the later pocket watches with chain that were worn in the pocket. The wristwatch with strap and buckle was only invented in the nineteenth century and marketed by the Swiss manufacturer Patek Philippe. Another milestone was the introduction of the very stable and reliable quartz watch by the Japanese company Seiko in 1969. Four years later, the same manufacturer came up with another first: the first digital quartz watches with numbers instead of a dial.

Smart watches

The latest development in the world of wristwatches is the smart watch, better known as the smartwatch. With it you can, for example, whatsappen, e-mail and measure your heart rate. A lot of attention has also been paid to a trendy design.

So much choice, which one should I choose?

Buying a new watch is a very personal choice. Take your time to make a good comparison between all models, colors and brands. A watch should of course be reliable and solid, but at least as important is that such a watch suits you. Do you want a big one, a small one, a tough one or a very chic one? Do you prefer a model with a battery, with a winding mechanism, with a kinetic system or with solar cells? Whatever your preference, there are lots of brands and models to choose from.

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