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Making your own video films is very popular these days. With a video camera you make the most beautiful recordings of your children, the holiday destination or a sports competition. Compared to the camera of your smartphone, separate video cameras give you much more possibilities and a better quality of the end result. Video cameras are also called camcorders, after the combination of the words 'camera' and 'recorder'. Up until the invention of the camcorder, video filmmakers had to work with cameras without storage facilities that had to be connected to a separate recorder with a cable. Sharing your own films on the Internet is very popular. The often very professional-looking productions are often and gladly watched on social media and forums such as YouTube.
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From big and heavy to small and light

The video camera can be seen as the successor to last century's miniature film camera in which you had to load a cassette with a super 8 film. When such a cassette was full the film first had to go to a development center and usually only after a week or longer you could watch your masterpiece. The first camcorder from 1984 was therefore seen as a revolutionary invention. This camera from Kodak was still big and heavy, but a year later Sony came up with the much lighter HandyCams. The first devices still worked with large video cassettes that you could play in your VCR. The video cameras gradually became cheaper and also better in quality. By using smaller video tapes, you could quickly compare the size of the devices with the old slim cameras.

From analogue to digital

The image quality made a giant leap forward when, around the turn of the century, the first digital video cameras came onto the market. At first they worked with digital tapes and DVD-ROMs, but soon video cameras with built-in hard disks and memory cards appeared. Compared to the older devices they were lighter and smaller because there were no tapes or discs needed anymore.

Which one should I choose?

Before you start comparing the models and prices of video cameras it is good to think about what you are going to use the device for. With a simple and not too expensive camera you can already make beautiful holiday movies. But if you see yourself as the new Spielberg and you want a camera with a lot of possibilities, then a more expensive camera will better meet your creative needs. Also very nice and not too expensive are the webcams that are often used for short movies on social media and sites like YouTube.

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These brands are particularly popular in this category: Rode, Boya, Zhiyun, Canon, Foscam, SanDisk, DJI, Logitech, Panasonic, Bresser, Elgato, Ricoh, Sevenoak, Joby, Bushnell, EZVIZ, Lowepro, Birth Alarm, Falcon Eyes, Godox, Hugo Boss, National Geographic, Peak Design, Polaroid