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Astronomy or astronomy is a fun hobby that also has many enthusiastic practitioners in our country. Looking at the stars with a telescope can be compared to making a space journey, but without a rocket. With telescopes you can get close to the stars and planets and study them in great detail. Pair a camera to your telescope and you can take the most beautiful pictures of the moon and stars, as if you were hanging over them in a spaceship. Star-gazing hobbyists are often members of astronomy clubs, where they can get advice and have the opportunity to compare their photos of celestial bodies with their clubmates.

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We've been staring at the stars for centuries

Astronomy existed back in the days of the Egyptian pharaohs and ancient dynasties in China. Telescopes did not yet exist then and stargazing was limited to following the moon and the stars along the sky. The telescope was invented in 1608 in the Netherlands, but by whom has always remained a point of discussion. Hans Lipperhey, Sacharias Jansen and Jacob Metius all applied for patents for their telescope. Lipperhey did so a few days before the other two and is therefore an inventor in the history books. The angle of view of these first viewers was still limited. A century later the physicist Isaac Newton mounted a hollow mirror in his telescope. This mirror telescope had, in comparison with the older models, a much larger angle of view. This model became the standard for the further development of telescopes.

For beginners and advanced users

Telescopes come in many shapes and sizes, from small viewers to the gigantic devices installed by the professional observatories. Novice hobbyists can buy an excellent telescope for not too much money. If you like to go out in the dark and look at the stars in a place without street or other lighting, then a light, portable model is for you. If you are going to look through the skylight from your garden or attic, you can take a slightly larger and heavier model. These often come with a stand. Compare such a stand to a tripod for your camera: an adjustable tripod where you can quickly mount and dismount the device. For advanced astronomers, there are more expensive devices with more setting options.

Also fun for children

Also children love to look at the stars! For young stargazers, there are attractive and robust telescopes that can take a beating. Fun as a birthday present and very educational!

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