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When photographing people and products, it is important that you have good lighting control. This is to ensure that the object is properly illuminated. Good lighting control is also important if you have to work outside in the dark. You don't always have a lamp at hand, but flashlights can offer a solution, especially in combination with a good filter. Whether it's filters for flashlights, lamps, photography or reflection screens, at Bigschopper you can compare all lighting control products.

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Filters for flashlights

Many people only have a simple flashlight in the house for emergencies. But there are also professions or hobbies where this is not enough. Think of hunters, soldiers and policemen, but also fire brigades and ambulance personnel. They often find themselves in situations where they need to be able to grasp all sorts of details in the dark and good lighting control is important! Of course you can see something with a normal flashlight, but with the help of special filters you can see even more! Compare for example a red or a blue filter with each other. With a red one you get good visibility at night and also in a situation with a lot of smoke. Compare that with a blue one that helps you to detect blood traces. There are different color filters, each with their own application!

Lighting for photography

Also in photography good lighting is very important. This is especially true if you need to photograph people or goods with a specific color or strength of light. A good lighting control is then really necessary. Lighting can be controlled in different ways. In the first place of course by using the flash that is already on your camera or with an extra flash block that you bought. You can also add filters or a diffuser for a more natural effect.

In the second place you can use special lamps that provide extra light in the right color. A reflection screen can also offer a solution, to reflect light in such a way that your photographic object is illuminated as well as possible. There are many options to compare, choose the best option for your situation and get started right away.

Brands Studio Lighting Controls

These brands are particularly popular in this category: Bresser, Falcon Eyes, Godox, Lastolite, Linkstar, Sony, StudioKing