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Do you want a new fresh look? Then you can easily achieve this with a good shave. Whether you prefer a close shave or a short trim, the occasional shave makes a world of difference. But what do you need to get a close shave? Whatever products you choose for shaving and facial hair, it's always a good idea to explore and compare the different options. Which products are essential for shaving and facial hair?
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Shaving machine or razor

Probably not the first time you shave, but if you do, you're sure to need a shaver. Which shaver should you choose? Whether you choose a luxury shaver or disposable razors, the result will always be the same. However, some shavers are more efficient than others. Also keep in mind that a shaver requires an electrical outlet, while your razors can be used anywhere. The best way to find the right shaver or razor is to discover, compare and try out the different options. Compare the different options with each other and find out what's most comfortable for you. Everyone is different and that's why the perfect razor is different for everyone. Compare with your friends and/or family, and they might be able to give you some more tips to make shaving more enjoyable?

Shaving foam

To shave, you don't just need a shaver, you also need shaving foam. Especially if you want to shave your beard and/or moustache, because if you don't, you could get too many wounds. Also shaving foam comes in different variations. Usually the texture is almost identical, but the difference is in the smell and the quantity. Which shaving foam you choose depends on your personal preference and how often you shave.


After shaving, most men still use an aftershave. The aftershave has multiple functions. First of all, it ensures that you smell nice and fresh. There are several fragrances available, so there is always a scent that is very pleasant for you. In addition, aftershave also has a disinfecting function. That's handy, because when shaving your facial hair, small cuts are almost inevitable. Aftershave is no superfluous luxury!

Brands Shaving & Grooming

These brands are particularly popular in this category: Prada, Paco Rabanne, Hugo Boss, Carolina Herrera, Diesel, Lacoste, Philips, Ted Baker