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Children love to play in the sand! With a sandbox you can buy a garden play equipment that offers children a variety of sensory experiences and play possibilities. Sand feels very interesting for children, as fine grains of sand or mixed with a little water. But even the tallest sand castle cannot be built without the right sand toys. Outdoor toys such as shovels, buckets, moulds and other sand toys are an absolute must! Your children are perfectly equipped to play in the sand and can let their imagination and creativity run wild. Enjoy sunny days in the garden with your children. A matching and sturdy sandbox offers your little ones a safe play area where they can't leave so quickly. This way, you too can enjoy the beautiful days and watch your children bake sand pies and build castles. At Bigshopper you will find a large selection of sandboxes in different sizes and designs. Compare both classic wooden sandboxes and plastic sandboxes. A suitable sandbox can be found for every age group.
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So-called sand shells or sand boxes are particularly suitable for small children. These are sandboxes that can be covered with a plastic shell. They are available in the form of a turtle or other animals or flowers. Because of the possibility to cover the sand, it can be very well protected against rain or contamination by animals. Moreover, on hot summer days, water can be put in the cover. Playing in the sand is of course even more fun if you have water next to it and can make mud. For the little ones it is an advantage that the sand shell is relatively manageable. The sand stays in the box instead of in a shallow sandbox. However, the watertightness of plastic shells is not only an advantage. On hot days condensation can collect under the closed lid if the sand was still slightly moist when it was covered. Then the sand may no longer look good.

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A wooden sandpit is the classic underneath sandboxes. The material is close to nature and looks inconspicuous in a garden. With the right finishing and maintenance, wooden sandboxes are very stable and easy to repair. Wooden sandboxes are available in different shapes, especially square ones. Usually a wooden sandbox has a seating board on the outside on which playing children and an adult can sit comfortably. Bins with lids are very practical. After playing, the lid can be closed and the sand is protected from wind and weather. Compare them all now!