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For many children there is little more beautiful: the freedom to play outside. In the fresh air, with nice weather or when it rains, with friends or alone, as long as there is fun to be had. This can be done in many ways, but with the outdoor play equipment that can be compared at Bigshopper, it becomes very easy to make the little adventurers happy. The devices offer an absolute dream experience for adventurous children and are available in all shapes and sizes and for many different purposes.
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Everything for climbing and clambering

Under the outdoor play devices that are comparable to each other, there are a large number available with which, or on which, children can climb and clamber. This way you can compare different kinds of wooden stands with which, for example, children can swing, climb or slide down the slide. There are also different types of wooden huts in the range with which children can have fun for hours on end. Think of a wooden cabin in the shape of a ship, a small ranch or even a pirate fortress. You can easily compare all these outdoor play equipment at Bigshopper.

From trampoline to sandbox

Everyone knows the most popular outdoor play equipment. You can compare the old-fashioned sandbox in which children can build castles and dig holes. The sandboxes are available from small to very large. Trampolines are also indispensable in this category. The trampolines exist in different variants. There is the classic trampoline that stands on legs but also a safer variant that lies flat on the ground. If something goes wrong then the fall is a lot less high than a regular trampoline. For parents who want to be completely sure of the safety of their offspring, there is also a trampoline with safety net to compare. In this way the risk of injury is considerably reduced.

Also small toys

Who thinks of outdoor play equipment does not immediately have to think of very large constructions. You can also compare different types of smaller outdoor play equipment with each other. The water pistol is a perfect example of such a toy. This classic is available in all shapes and sizes, from a small water pistol to the much larger super soaker. You can also compare other water toys with each other. There are water balloons, water tables and inflatable animals for in the water available. Finally, there are also coloured watering cans for children with green hands.

Brands Outdoor Play Equipment

These brands are particularly popular in this category: Wickey, Fatmoose