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Do you like being able to see super small things up close? Then a microscope is for you. With a microscope you can, for example, look at small pieces of a plant, a substance or a liquid. Microscopes come in different types and designs. If you're planning on buying one, go and compare them. On the website of Bigshopper you can find many copies.

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Where probably the Dutchman Anthoni van Leeuwenhoek invented the microscope at the end of the sixteenth or beginning of the seventeenth century. In any case, he was the first scientist to improve the microscope considerably. If you compare the microscopes used at that time, they enlarge thirty times, while Van Leeuwenhoek succeeds in making a microscope that enlarges 275 times. Van Leeuwenhoek's microscope consists of two small lenses that are placed in a holder. After Van Leeuwenhoek, microscopes are increasingly being improved and developed into the ones we know today.

How does a microscope work?

Compare the current microscope with the ones from the past and today's microscopes consist of more parts. Think of: a tripod, several lenses and a picture on which you can put a specimen. With the tripod you grab the microscope and just like with Van Leeuwenhoek there are two fixed lenses in a tube. The first lens enlarges the image slightly and the second lens provides even greater magnification. Under these two lenses there is extra reading, with which you can enlarge the image even further. Attached to the tripod is a screw with which you can make the distance between the lens and the sample larger or smaller. There is also a light under the plate where the sample is placed, so you can see it even better.

Purchasing a microscope

If you want to buy a microscope, it is very important to know what you plan to do with it. There are different types of microscopes and therefore a good comparison is definitely recommended. For example, you can choose a microscope that magnifies 1200 times, but also a microscope that magnifies 20 times. The latter is especially interesting for children who want to discover the microscope. In addition, it is wise to see which accessories you can get. Think of extra lenses, sample plates and cover glasses. It is also always nice if the microscope comes in a sturdy plastic case and is therefore well protected.

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These brands are particularly popular in this category: Bresser, National Geographic, Byomic, Celestron