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Jewelry completes your outfit. Whether you like silver, gold or rose gold jewellery, there's plenty to choose from at Bigshopper! Compare at your convenience the wide range of fun necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and ankle straps. You can use the filters to, for example, compare jewellery from your favourite brand or search by price. The lowest price is automatically at the top so you can be sure you won't miss out on the best offer. Order in the webshop of the seller of your choice.
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Compare gold jewelry

Gold is a very soft material that is easy to form and where good jewelry can be made. Gold is very wearable and exudes luxury. What is also nice is that the material can not rust. The purity of gold can be measured by the number of carats, with 24 carat gold being the purest. Gold, however, is a precious material. Several pieces of gold jewellery are therefore not entirely made of gold, but of stainless steel or titanium worked with an outer layer of gold. Do you like the color of gold but is a real gold piece of jewelry out of your budget? Then you can also choose a gold colored piece of jewelry.

Compare silver jewelry

Silver has a more neutral look compared to gold jewelry and this material is worn by almost everyone. The price for a silver piece of jewellery is also lower than that of a gold piece of jewellery. You can choose a sterling silver or silver plated piece of jewelry. Often the jewel is made of stainless steel or stainless steel and coated with a layer of silver.

Rosé gold jewelry compare

Rosé gold began as a trend but is now indispensable in the jewelry landscape. A real rose gold piece consists of 58.5% gold. By adding copper it gets the recognizable rosé color. Many rose gold bracelets, necklaces and rings are also available. These are a lot less expensive so you can also find a beautiful piece of jewelry with a smaller budget. On Bigshopper you can search by price so you can always easily find the best deal. You can make beautiful combinations with your new jewelry. Of course a piece of jewelry is also an excellent gift. Surprise your girlfriend or wife for example with a beautiful rose gold bracelet.

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