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There are an awful lot of products that can be classified under the house and garden category. Nevertheless, you can roughly divide them into two types: products that you need to maintain your home and/or garden and items that make your home or garden more pleasant. Simply view and compare all the possibilities for home and garden at Bigshopper, and get started right away!
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Garden maintenance and cleaning

Whether you have a balcony or a garden, if it has tiles or wood, you have one job that comes back every year: removing green tarnish. The various products that are suitable for this can be found in this category. In the same way, various products that help you combat various unwanted insects and vermin. And if you want lasting pleasure from your outdoor furniture or outdoor woodwork, here you will also find a wide variety of maintenance products for wood, stainless steel and (natural) stone. In short, get your garden or balcony ready for the outdoor season.

Cleaning and maintenance products for your home

You will also find furniture, appliances and facilities in your home that require occasional maintenance. Within the home and garden category you will find products that make these chores easier for you. This also applies to cleaning chores. Troublesome stains on your furniture or a blockage in your sink? Here you can compare the products you need to solve these problems! And if you're struggling with nuisance from insects or other unwanted creatures, you can find the solutions here.

Compare home and garden improvements

There is more to it than cleaning and maintenance of home and garden. You also want to compare products that are not directly related to chores or work. Sometimes you are just looking for items that increase the living pleasure. For both house and garden you will find these items here. Heaters for your terrace, conservatory or garden can be found in various designs. But also lighting with sensors can make your life more pleasant. Never search for the light button in the dark again, for example. And not only practical solutions for inconveniences, essential oils can also enrich your home.

Brands Home & Garden

These brands are particularly popular in this category: Stanley, Neom, Goodnature, Fushi, Madara, Form, Gallagher, Form Nutrition, Fox Light, The Organic Pharmacy, Antipodes, Birth Alarm, Evolve, Organyc, REN Clean Skincare, Ren, Wunder Workshop