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On Bigshopper you can compare a wide range of products for the equestrian sport, from the novice rider to the competition rider. By using the handy search filters you can easily find the best offer. Compare by brand or price, for example, or search in the offer of your favourite retailer. The lowest price will automatically appear at the top, so you will always find the best deal. To order, all you have to do is click through to the seller's webshop.
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Compare care products for your horse

If you are active in equestrian sports you need to take good care of your horse. On Bigshopper you can compare sweat knives, mane combs and skin cleansing brush. With a sweat knife you can remove water from the horse's coat after washing or spraying your horse. A mane comb is an indispensable item in your cleaning box. It combs the mane of your horse beautifully and neatly smooth. You can also use the comb to thin out the mane of your horse. Do you have a competition? By brushing the mane first, you can braid it neatly so that you and your horse show off well. With a strong skin-cleaning brush you can efficiently remove coarse dirt such as mud, sweat and sand from your horse's skin.

Compare halsters for equestrian sports

You use a halter to guide and secure your horse. On Bigshopper you can compare dumbbells in different materials. If you use the halter to secure your horse, it is important to use a halter made of sturdy material such as leather or high quality nylon. You can choose from many types of halters, such as nylon halters with a fashionable print or classic leather halters. Nylon halters have the advantage that they require little maintenance and are more expensive than leather halters. A leather halter has a luxurious look but requires more maintenance. For example, you should clean these halters with saddle soap and then feed them with leather grease to keep the halter in excellent condition.

Compare hoof oil for equestrian sports

It is a must to take care of your horse's hooves with hoof oil. This oil provides protection against dehydration and contains certain nutrients so that the hoof remains firm and supple. The use of hoof oil also promotes hoof growth and ensures that the tissue of the hoof remains in top condition, making your horse feel better and perform better.

Brands Equestrian

These brands are particularly popular in this category: Harrys Horse, Eskadron, Bucas, BR, LeMieux, Rambo, Sectolin, Amigo, Cavalor, Trust, Leovet, EQUI THEME, Horka, Red Horse, Rhino, Roeckl, Premiere, Back on Track, Casco, Rapide, Liscop, MIO, Mane n Tail, Stapp Horse, Foscam