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Ladies generally like to wear jewelry. In addition to make-up and a chic wardrobe, necklaces and earrings should not be missing. Most girls get cavities at a young age. But even if you don't have any holes, you can wear earrings.
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Whether it's for everyday use in the office or for a big show at night in the theatre, jewelry is indispensable for every woman's perfect appearance. Without earrings, the most beautiful make-up and your hairstyle won't look good. This makes it all the more important to find the right ear jewellery and compare earrings. During the day, more discreet and simple jewellery is better, while at night, the large, eye-catching earrings can be taken out of the jewelry box.

If there are no holes in the earrings, you can use ear clips. As the name suggests, these are simply and practically attached to the earlobe by means of a clip closure. In shape and color, however, they are no less beautiful. From pearls to rhinestones, anything is possible.

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If you already have holes in your ears, there are no limits when it comes to earrings. Creoles, earrings or buttons are true classics and go perfectly with any outfit. Mini creoles look very nice and are also suitable for everyday use. Huge creoles in gold do not have a very feminine Latina look. Earrings are quite simple and discreet, while earrings are often very large.

You can also often buy jewelry sets with matching necklaces and bracelets. Feminine with hearts, butterflies, blossoms or simple, classic and elegant. You can also compare earrings with gemstones, for every occasion and personal taste is guaranteed to find something.

Which closures are suitable?

As already mentioned, ear clips can also be used without a hole. Stud earrings are closed by a rod on the back of the earring with a nut. This so-called wing closure is usually made of the same material as the earrings themselves. A plug, usually made of plastic, is also possible. Creoles often have a hinge clamp for a secure closure. Earrings usually have a classic closure.

Small color theory to compare earrings

In principle, you should of course choose the type of earring that you personally like the most. However, there are a few small rules about what suits which skin colour best. If the skin shines bluish, you belong to the cool or cold type. Silver jewelry and blue or pink gemstones are more suitable. If the veins under the skin look rather greenish, one is a warm type and should prefer gold jewellery and warm stones in orange or yellow.