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Wearing a certain style of clothing carries a message. You want to look chic, casual or provocative. That's how it goes these days, but in the past it was no different, although the choice was a lot more limited. The rich wore expensive cloaks with gems. The poor wore no more than a few rags. Fortunately, nowadays you can compare many kinds of clothing styles and make your own choices.
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A piece of history

When people started wearing clothes is not exactly clear. However, it is true that clothing was used to keep the body warm. Some 180,000 years ago it was therefore a necessary thing. At that time, people mainly wore animal skins. Only much later also wool, leather and cotton were used to make clothing. The Egyptians were probably the first to use clothing to express a style. Fortunately, today you don't have to shoot a bear anymore to keep your skin warm. The choice of clothing, styles and color is enormous. Take a look at and compare the articles on this page and be amazed at the amount of different materials and styles.

From hardcore to floral dress

At Bigshopper you can make a comparison from many different styles of clothing. From hardcore to floral dress, it's all available in one of the connected webshops. Of course you don't want to pay too much for it. That's why we've already selected for you where you can buy your favorite brand or garment at the lowest price. That's handy because this way you don't have to go through all the webshops to be able to compare. Whether you go for a black bomber or a pair of cute baby sneakers, there is plenty of choice.


Your favourite brand is easy to find with the brand finder. You can tick the brand and see everything from Tommy Hilfiger, Brunotti or Didi, for example. Compare the item of your choice and save money at the cheapest webshop. This allows you to refill your wardrobe without having to pay too much for it. With a certain brand you wear the kind of clothes you feel good in. And you radiate that. If you are not so fixed brand then you can use the selector also check sellers. By using the handy tool to indicate how much you plan to spend, you can see exactly the items you're looking for.