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Charms and pendants are ideal to give your bracelet a personal touch. It's easy to attach them to your charm bracelet and create your unique accessory in no time. Charms come in different materials, colors, shapes and sizes. Often charms are made of silver, but charms made of gold, bijoux and steel can also be compared here. Compare and search at Bigshopper for your unique bracelet with trendy charms or give charms as a gift!
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Praces and pendants throughout the years

Bracelets became especially popular in the 60s. Pendants used to be made of cheap glass, but nowadays silver charms are especially common. The idea behind the charm bracelet was that if you wanted to look at someone's bracelet to admire the pendants, you had to 'pay' that person by buying a new charm. So 'begging' actually means 'paying to look'.

The history of jewellery

We have worn jewellery for centuries. Especially the richer class could afford to decorate themselves with all kinds of beautiful jewelry. Thus, jewellery was worn mainly to radiate the wealth of people. Nowadays a lot of people wear jewelry, poor or rich. Jewelry nowadays exists in different price ranges, so everyone can afford something. But why should we wear charm bracelets?

that's why a charm bracelet is for you!

People like to make themselves more beautiful. And with a charm bracelet, you can decorate yourself in a unique way. No one else has exactly the same charm bracelet as you, no comparison! Your taste and personality have never been easier to express than with a beautiful charm bracelet.

Bracelets also have an emotional or symbolic value, because the charms bring memories. For example the charms get a symbolic value because they express something of your personality or they get an emotional value because they remind you of the giver, a wonderful journey to never forget and so on. That's why charms are also the perfect gift to give to someone you love. The recipient will never forget you because he or she is always reminded of you through the charm. How nice is it to first give a charm bracelet and then always give a charm at each milestone? Then you scoop a whole story with the charm bracelet. And at Bigshopper you can easily compare all the possibilities so you can find the most beautiful charms and pendants for your loved one!