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Cameras have changed tremendously over the years, but what a photographer or filmmaker wants with them will always remain the same: capturing a beautiful, valuable memory for later. These can be nice holiday snapshots or films of the children, but also news images of journalists or artistic highlights of art photographers exhibiting their work in a museum. Compare a photo or film with a time image, a snapshot that you can look back on later with pleasure, sadness, amazement or another emotion. Cameras have had an important place in our lives for many years because they keep memories of people and events alive.
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From wooden box to digital

The first cameras built around 1830 could be compared to a large wooden box with a hole in it. Light falling from outside through this hole on a sensitive plate left an image behind. Photography only became really popular after the invention of the negative in 1889, which made it possible to make several prints of an image. In the twentieth century, cameras quickly became cheaper and handy devices were introduced for consumers. From the 1990's onwards, a true revolution in photography took place when the first digital cameras appeared.

Which one should I choose?

Before you start comparing the different types of cameras, it is important to first think carefully about what you want to do with them. Only for the holidays and holidays you can do just fine with a handy compact camera that you can easily take with you wherever you go. However, if you want to go into nature to capture birds or other animals, then a more extensive camera with interchangeable lenses is recommended. With a good telephoto lens, you can get even the smallest bird very close and take razor-sharp pictures. Are you looking for a good film camera to shoot a feature film with your children like a real Steven Spielberg? Then take a look at the range of stunningly good cameras that allow you to capture all children's adventures in Ultra HD.

Make your own aerial photos!

Shoot and film from the air can now also be taken with a drone in combination with a lightweight camera. With a remote control or via an app on your smartphone you can see the images from above and take shots. Compare it to shooting and filming from a helicopter, only you don't have to go up in the air yourself. These latest, very light cameras are easy to operate and already available for a reasonable price.