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With a trendy camera strap you can distinguish yourself from others. There is a wide choice of colors and materials, so you can easily choose a camera strap that suits your personal taste. In addition, the camera straps are practical because you can easily take your camera with you. On Bigshopper you can compare the range of different sellers. You can easily find the best deal by filtering by price, brand or seller. If you come across a camera strap that you want to order, you can do so by clicking to the seller's webshop.

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Camera belts for DSLRs

DSLRs are somewhat heavier cameras and therefore a sturdy and comfortable camera strap is handy. Because the camera has a reasonable weight, you can opt for an extra wide camera strap or a camera strap with a shoulder pad for the necessary comfort. The camera straps come in different materials. For example, choose a leather camera strap for a classic look. These camera belts are also very durable and resistant to rain and water. Over time, the leather gets a worn look which makes the material even more supple.

Compare camera belts for compact cameras

A compact camera is a lightweight camera so your camera strap does not need to excel. Your camera almost always comes with a carrying strap. If you've lost the original or are looking for a camera strap that suits your personal taste, you can compare a lot of nice camera straps on Bigshopper. These can be used as a nice accessory. Choose for example a fabric camera strap with a trendy print or a strikingly colored neoprene strap. You have a choice of straps to wear around your wrist or neck.

Compare camera straps for system cameras

A system camera has no mirror system in the body and therefore has a lower weight than an SLR camera. A compact camera also has no mirror system, but the difference is that with a system camera you can change the lenses. In addition, you have more control over the settings. In order to transport your precious camera easily and protect it from falls, you can choose from several nice camera belts that are suitable for this type of camera. For example, choose a design with a nice print or select a sleek and modern camera strap. You can wear the camera around your wrist, neck or in a bag on your hip.

Brands Camera Straps

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