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Buying binoculars shouldn't be a decision you just make on a whim. This quickly leads to frustration because the binoculars you buy do not meet your wishes and requirements. That's why we'll give you some background information here that can help you compare binoculars.

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Compare Binoculars - you should remember this

If you want to buy binoculars, you should think about it first. Binoculars are available in different sizes, performance classes and of course in different prices. But not every pair of binoculars is optimal for every application. If you want to buy binoculars, you have to ask yourself: Which binoculars are suitable for me? To answer this question, you need to think about what you really want. That's why we would like to give you some background information on this topic so that buying binoculars doesn't become a mistake.

Compare Binoculars: Pay attention to the exit pupil

If you are interested in binoculars, of course look at the magnification. That is not wrong. However, much more important is that you take it into account when you actually want to use the binoculars. For example, if I only want to use the binoculars during the day while walking, I don't need a device with an exit pupil of 5 mm or more. After all, the pupil in an eye only has a diameter of 2-3 mm when it is light. And binoculars with a smaller exit pupil are smaller, more convenient and lighter. The exit pupil is easy to calculate by dividing the lens diameter by the magnification. For example, an Olympus 10×50 DPS-I binoculars have a 5mm exit pupil. The objective diameter 50 mm divided by 10x the magnification is equal to 5 mm. Do not choose the maximum magnification.

Compare various types with Bigshopper

If you are looking with binoculars, you obviously want to see everything as large as possible. So it has to look like you are standing directly in front of the animal or another object. The trade of course offers binoculars with many different magnifications. Compare them at Bigshopper. If you want to buy binoculars, you are naturally inclined to choose the largest magnification you can get. But the higher the magnification value, the more restless the image becomes. Let's take the example binoculars, the Olympus 10×50 DPS-I binoculars. It has a magnification of 10. It is quite difficult to keep the binoculars stable. The Auriol Zoom 10-30×60 binoculars can produce a magnification of 10 to 30x. Definitely a great effect, but not to be seen without extreme shocks. Without a tripod this will not work. Comparing binoculars with Bigshopper is very simple.

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These brands are particularly popular in this category: Bushnell, Steiner, Vanguard, Bresser, Barr Stroud, Canon, Kowa, Vortex, Celestron, National Geographic