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The American company Western Digital was founded in 1971, but the foundations of the company's existence were laid a few years earlier. It is 1956 and computer company IBM invents the first hard disk. Although this hard drive could barely contain five megabytes of data, this invention paved the way for the creation of Western Digital. Together with a few other technology companies, Western Digital is at the forefront of the development of new technologies that will give the computer an increasingly prominent role in all facets of society. For example, the company is responsible for a number of innovations in the use of the floppy disk, desktop computers, flash memory and the development of smaller memory cards for the digital camera.
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Both hard drives and USB sticks

We now know Western Digital mainly as a manufacturer and supplier of both internal and external hard drives, which you can compare here for the best deal. The company has grown rapidly in this product category with a workforce of over seventy thousand and an annual turnover of around twenty billion euros. In this way, the company has always succeeded in being at the forefront of the development of memory carriers.

Over here you can compare different forms of external memory with each other, both very extensive and small and manageable. In the latter category, think for example of USB sticks, which can be compared in different storage capacities. Whereas the first hard drive in the 1980s had a capacity of only five megabytes, nowadays even USB sticks have a memory capacity of up to six terabytes or more. So you can easily store all your favourite movies, photos, music and files and carry them with you at all times.

Western Digital is at the forefront of innovation

The company continues to innovate its products so it's always at the forefront of the latest developments. In this way, you no longer only compare the external or internal memory carriers with which the company has achieved many successes in recent years. Nowadays, the storage of your data no longer only takes place on an individual device, but everything is stored in the so-called cloud. In this way, the Western Digital My Cloud series, for example, allows you to share all your files and data very quickly and very easily with all the devices connected to this data hub. These cloud devices are available with a memory of, for example, 32 terabytes, which makes them easy to use in a professional environment.