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The Wahl Clipper Corporation is an American manufacturer of hair clippers and other hairdressing products for professional hairdressing salons and consumers. The brand has developed into a leading and innovative brand that continuously applies new inventions in hair care products. The range includes professional hair clippers for hairdressers with extra long lasting batteries and small trimmers for hair and beard that are popular with consumers. In addition to hairdryers and brushes, Wahl also makes nose trimmers and various travel items including a well-sealable carrying case. Bottles of oil and maintenance kits are available to keep your electrical appliances in good condition. Products of this manufacturer are, if we compare them with those of other brands, especially popular because of the combination of user-friendliness, solidity and reasonable price. Consumers, too, are taken seriously with a product range that in quality is absolutely no less than the professional hairdressing salon equipment.
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For a century the company has been strong in hair care

The company was founded in 1919 by the then recently graduated engineer Leo J. Wahl from Sterling in the American state of Illinois. As a high school student he already experimented with vibrating electromagnetic motors that could make dolls vibrate. Later he developed this technique further and after his university studies he released his first electric clippers. A year after starting his business, he had already supplied thousands of clippers to hairdressers all over America. Leo Wahl quickly expanded his business and added other hairdressing products such as hairdryers and brushes to the range. If we compare his company at that time with its competitors at that time, it is striking that Wahl also took consumers seriously and did not just want to supply hairdressers. As early as the 1940s, the first small hair clippers for home use appeared in American stores and proved to be a resounding success. Today, the company is a large multinational company employing over three thousand people who make products for customers around the world.

Wahl is also there for animals

Not only people's hair deserves good care, well-functioning, comfortable hair clippers are also very important for dogs and cats. Wahl has a special product line for animal care with trimmers with which pets can be treated quickly and well. Extra attention has been paid to a low noise level in order not to frighten the animals unnecessarily with a noisy device. In comparison with the other products, the trimmers for animals are just as solid and user-friendly.

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