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Wacom loves anything that brings creativity to life. Creativity inspires with new ideas and imagination and brings change to the world. The company delivers innovative digital technologies and supports all aspects of creativity. The devices are reliable, durable and easy to use. At Bigshopper, compare various products of this brand.
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Focus on your creations with Wacom

The brand is very popular with artists and professionals around the world. The company's unique digital pen technology provides accurate and natural input so you can focus on what really matters - your creativity. To achieve the best feel, everything is carefully optimized, from the nib material. It has been carefully tuned for each writing surface, even the latest signal noise settings and pressure measurement techniques have been scrutinized. Everything has been carefully optimized to improve the feel. The company succeeds in supporting creativity with innovative digital technologies.

Graphic Wacom tablets compare

A graphical tablet shifts analogue drawings on paper into the digital age. the days when you had to scan drawings to get a digital version are over. The market leader is Wacom. The manufacturer offers a wide range of different graphics tablets. Very popular is the Intuos model range, which is divided into several sub-series.

Graphic tablets for image processing, drawing, painting and more

The Wacom Intuos tablet series is divided into 6 sub-series. These subcategories are designed for special purposes. The respective designation already provides information about the intended use of the respective model. The brand offers the Intuos series Draw, Art, Photo, Comic and 3D. These can be used for image editing, drawing and painting, comic projects or 3D modelling.

Intuos tablet connection to PC

The Intuos models are usually connected to a PC via a cable, regardless of the intended use. As the Intuos tablets do not have their own screen, a computer is required to display the drawn results. Models such as the Intuos Pro Tablet or the Intuos Pen Tablet can also be used wirelessly.

Compare pressure levels

In the field of graphical tablets one can almost always find information about the so-called pressure levels. The Intuos series usually recognises 1024 or even 2048 pressure levels. A model with 1024 pressure levels is able to recognise 1024 pressure differences and thus achieve more natural results. Advanced users often buy models with a 2048 pressure level. In the Intuos graphical tablet range, beginners and advanced users will find their suitable graphical tablet. The series is divided into model series that are optimised for specific applications and offer suitable software. Compare all models now at Bigshopper.

Wacom categories

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