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Vortex Optics is an American company that specialises in optical products for bird and aircraft spotters, nature lovers and hunters, among others. The brand is best known for the excellent binoculars that should not be missing from the equipment of people who like to go out and observe the beautiful nature, sportsmen or airplanes. The binoculars come in many shapes and sizes, from small stage viewers for the theatre to large field viewers for when you go on safari and want to get closer to the lions. Do you prefer to look at the stars? Compare the beautiful telescopes of Vortex with the - mostly unbranded - cheap stargazers and you'll immediately see the difference. With a real Vortex, you can bring the moon and stars crystal clear closer and you can also be sure that your telescope is properly assembled and will last a very long time. Also for hunters and members of shooting clubs the brand is a well known name. The company offers a wide range of telescope sights that are made to very strict specifications. In addition to optical products, the brand also has a product line of accessories such as tripods, sun hoods, storage bags and many other useful accessories.
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The history of a family business

Vortex is the family business of Dan and Margie Hamilton from Middleton in the American state of Wisconsin. In 1986, Dan, a dentist, and Margie, a nurse, decided to radically change their lives and start a shop selling items for outdoor activities. You could compare their shop with a Dutch camping shop at that time. Later on, they started to specialise more and more in optical products such as field viewers and shotgun sights. Not entirely satisfied with the quality of the viewers they bought, the couple decided to set up their own brand in 2000. Under the name Vortex, a product line was released with great success with various optical products of very good quality. The rise of internet shopping led to a strong growth in turnover, while there was also a great deal of interest in the excellent products outside America. Nowadays the brand is available all over the world and still has a strong reputation.

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Making differences and comparing preferences is always difficult, but no one can deny that Vortex has hit a home run with its new collection of T-shirts and baseball caps. You want to be seen in it! Compare these cool fashions with what's in your wardrobe right now and you run straight to your laptop to order them.