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Tom Ford is actually full name Thomas Carlyle Ford (1961), has his own fashion and cosmetics brand and on top of that he is also a director. Ford first started his fashion career as artistic director at Gucci and partly because of him he dragged Gucci through a financially bad period and made this fashion house popular again among fashion people. Later, Ford also lent his creativity to Yves Saint Laurent and put his own stamp on the designs. At a certain point Ford wanted to be at the helm of his own brand and so he released his first line of sunglasses in 2005. In 2006 (in collaboration with Estée Lauder Companies Inc.) a cosmetics line followed. In addition to fashion and cosmetics, Ford wanted to discover another talent and so in 2009, Ford directed his first film, called A Single Man. This was very well received by critics and was even nominated for several film awards. In 2016 Ford directed another successful film: Nocturnal Animals. This film was again highly praised and nominated.

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Ford is thus a man of many talents. In the meantime he has also released many different perfumes for men and women that were very popular. His first perfume Black Orchid for ladies is still one of Tom Ford's most popular perfumes today and in the meantime he has released several variants, such as Orchid Soleil and Velvet Orchid. The scents of Tom Ford often smell very sensual because of the ingredients such as amber, patchouli, old and musk. In addition to a luxury perfume line, Ford has also released make-up that is very popular among make-up artists at international fashion shows.

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Tom Ford is a premium brand and therefore, unfortunately, everything costs a sweetheart. Still, you can save some money if you compare the prices properly. There are some webshops that offer special discounts and promotions, so you pay (much) less than the recommended retail price. Tom Ford perfume also comes in different sizes (50 or 100 ml) and prices can vary a lot. Tip: often you're cheaper compared to a larger bottle, so you pay less per ml. So it's just a matter of looking and comparing if you want the best deal. Can you also use some help with comparing? Then use this handy comparison tool, because this way you can see and compare the sharpest prices of Tom Ford perfume and make-up in a handy overview. With a handy press of a button you can click everything home!