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It is a problem that both the enthusiastic hobby photographer and the professional photographer will sound familiar: how do you take your cameras, lenses and all accessories with you on a trip without risking damaging the usually expensive products? That was the problem that Doug Murdoch, Mike Strum, Deanne Fitzmaurice and Kurt Rogers faced. The professional photographers often had problems transporting their equipment and couldn't find solutions on the market. That's why they set up their own company to produce these products: Think Tank. Since 2005, the American company meets a great need of photographers. Here you can compare a large part of their products.

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Speed and accessibility

Because the founders of Think Tank themselves come from the world of photography, they know exactly what photographers need when practicing their hobby or work. For instance, they concluded that the two most important qualities that photographers need are speed and accessibility of the camera and its accessories, so that when a photographic moment presents itself, the camera can be brought into position as quickly as possible. This philosophy is therefore clearly visible in the products. Among the product categories to be compared are backpacks, rolling cases, shoulder bags, video cases, extra strong cases and hip bags.

User-friendliness comes first

As the company's philosophy has already shown, user-friendliness comes first. For example, the rolling cases are not only easy to open and pack, but the maximum size of regular hand luggage has also been taken into account. In addition, there are even versions among the backpacks to be compared that can also be used as roll cases, which means you can put this type of bag both on your back and pull it with you. For photographers who need more security, you can also compare a number of so-called hard case cases with each other. These cases have an extra high resistance and are suitable for sports photographers, nature photographers and action photographers.

Also the cables have been thought of

The people at Think Tank have not only taken into account the cameras and lenses themselves but also the accessories that usually come along on trips. Think for example of special bags to store the camera's cables. You can also compare the special MindShift Gear product group with solutions for people who are concerned about preserving nature and need durable, strong storage bags for their equipment.

Think Tank categories

This brand is strongly represented in these categories: Cameras & Optics, Camera Bags & Cases