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Steiner Optics produces reliable, high-quality binoculars, rifle scopes, laser devices and combat lights. The German company was founded in 1947 by Karl Steiner. What started as a one-man business in functional and durable optical products quickly grew into a large and successful company. Today, the company is known worldwide for its binoculars and rifle scopes suitable for various purposes. The products are sold in 65 countries and are used by sportsmen, spectators, sailors, birdwatchers, adventurers and aviators, among others. By comparing the assortment of various sellers on Bigshopper you can easily find the best buy.
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Steiner offers binoculars in different price ranges, for both hobby and professional use. For example, choose a compact pair of binoculars that you can easily take with you on a walk. The binoculars have a sturdy casing as protection against shocks, bumps and drops. There are also binoculars that automatically adapt to the ambient light. Because of this you don't suffer from bright glare and you always have an optimal image quality. This is for example useful if you use the binoculars at sea. With the high quality Steiner binoculars, the possibilities are endless. Use them in your own backyard, in the forest, in the snow, on a tropical beach, in broad daylight or at dusk.

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You'll find useful accessories for your binoculars on Bigshopper. It's not comfortable to hold your binoculars in your hands all the time, but you'll want to be able to grab them when you spot something. Steiner has developed several harnesses for this purpose. With a harness you always have your hands free, while you can grab your binoculars at any time. This solution is more comfortable than a neck cord. The weight of the binoculars is evenly distributed over the harness. This accessory also comes in handy when you're touring in difficult terrain where you have to keep your balance.

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