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Stapp Horse is a sock brand for the real horse lover. The brand belongs to Sockshouse and has been active in legwear for more than 25 years. Stapp Horse is a leading international brand and focuses on the production and design of quality socks. The company also focuses on sustainable production and strives to better integrate sustainability into the entire operational process. With years of knowledge and expertise, the company selects the best raw materials, products and manufacturers worldwide. On Bigshopper you can quickly and easily compare the different models and sizes and you will undoubtedly find a comfortable and stylish sock to complete your outfit.
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Ultim wear comfort and quality

Stapp Horse focuses on technical and perfect composition of raw materials and thus ensures the ultimate fit. The socks are designed in such a way that they do not sag easily in the riding boot and also provide extra protection and stability while riding. The socks have a seamless toe, so you can lean forward comfortably and the socks fit your foot perfectly. So with these socks you can enjoy hours of riding pleasure. With soft materials such as cotton and terry cloth, these socks provide optimal shock absorption and protection. Stapp Horse also offers socks with high quality and advanced techniques. For example, you'll find a sock with DEOCELL fibre, which allows you to absorb moisture quickly and efficiently. This sock prevents unwanted smells and bacteria and allows you to enjoy hours of dry and pleasant wearing comfort. With a wide range of quality socks, you can easily compare which sock best meets your requirements and go for ultimate comfort and years of quality.

Stylish designs

Real horse pattern socks should of course not be missing for the perfect outfit of a horse lover. With years of knowledge, the brand has a wide range of hip and timeless models on the market. Go for neutral black or grey, or go for a hip and bright color. Stapp Horse also offers the classic design of the riding sock, namely the sleek checkered design. Compare different colors and sizes and go for the sock that suits you. For the novice rider or the professional athlete, Stapp Horse offers the right sock for every rider. Compare the different hip designs and choose the sock that completes your riding outfit.

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