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Sevenoak is a Chinese company that has been producing all kinds of accessories and tools for taking photos and videos since 2007. These tools include holders for the smartphone, camera stabilizers, external lights for photography and microphones. Sevenoak's products are now sold in more than forty countries worldwide. A research team of more than thirty developers is constantly working on coming up with new, innovative products to add to the company's product range. At Bigshopper, you can compare many of the products at the best price.
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The world revolves around photos

Pictures are an integral part of society today. On social media, for example, a lot of visual material is shared by many people. No wonder, then, that there is an increasing demand for products that make it easier to create visual material. An example of such a product that you can compare at Bigshopper is the Big Camera Stabilizer. With this stabilizer, the camera can be precisely balanced, making skewed photos a thing of the past. It also contributes to reducing vibrations during filming or photography. You can also compare models that can be held in the hand. This makes it easy if you need to move along with a photographic or film object without the image vibrating too much.

Make the best panorama photos

An other good example of an innovative product from Sevenoak that you can compare is the so-called Electronic Panorama Head. This instrument enables the photographer to take a panoramic photo remotely, using a remote control. Anyone who has ever taken a panoramic photo knows that this can be very difficult; one of the challenges is, for example, to move the camera in a smooth, straight line across the horizon. With the Electronic Panorama Head this becomes a piece of cake.

Also for simple accessories

Compare more simple accessories with each other. Think of a waist strap to hang your camera on to prevent you from getting tired easily. The belt can be adjusted and has a special lining to prevent sweat. Also compare different types of shoulder stands with each other. These tools make it easy to carry the camera on the shoulder. This not only makes it easier to carry but also ensures a more stable way of filming or photographing. Another handy tool for stable use of the camera is a separately mounted handle for a better grip on the equipment.

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This brand is strongly represented in these categories: Cameras & Optics, Cameras, Video Cameras, Camera & Optic Accessories, Studio Lighting Controls