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Gorgeous watches from the "Land of the Rising Sun"

The Japanese Seiko factory is an innovator in the watch industry. The range includes every price segment, from the inexpensive quartz watch to exclusive masterpiece masterpieces. The manufacturer manufactures each part himself, without any supplier. The brand is also known for its excellent price-quality ratio. At Bigshopper you can compare a wide range of watches.
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Innovator of the watch industry

The brand has introduced numerous innovations throughout the history of the company. Among the most prominent are one of the world's first automatic chronographs with the highly efficient 'Magic Lever' system. In addition, they have developed the mechanical hybrid Spring Drive movement, in which a quartz crystal replaces the conventional lever output. These groundbreaking inventions are also used in the luxury watches of the Grand Seiko collection. The Tokyo-based manufacturer introduced this series in 1960 as a flagship model and still only produces a few a year. The design is predominantly simple, classically elegant and exudes a touch of sportiness. An already worn Grand Seiko with automatic movement is for sale for approx. 3,500 euros, unworn watches start from 4,900 euros.

The group of high quality watches also includes the masterpieces of the Credor series. With this collection, Seiko proves impressively that very complicated watches with minimal repetition can also be made in Japan.

Quartz watches

Besides luxury watches, the brand also has numerous quartz watches in its range. The company launched the world's first battery powered wristwatch at the end of 1969. The speed deviation of the presented quartz Astron was only about one minute per year, which was a remarkable achievement for that time. Today, the models in the Astron collection are high-tech timepieces with a GPS module. The watches also include a solar cell that supplies the integrated battery with light and power. Thanks to the GPS receiver, the quartz movement sets the time automatically and therefore never deviates from the current local time. The latest wristwatches in this Seiko collection take into account up to 40 time zones and have a perpetual calendar that runs correctly until February 28, 2100. Compare Bigshopper's wide range of quartz watches of this well-known brand and pay less.

Prices Seiko watches compare

Seiko produces wristwatches with an excellent price-quality ratio in every price segment. The offer ranges from cheap quartz watches, which cost less than 100 EUR, to the luxury watches of the Grand Seiko collection, some of which cost more than 10,000 EUR. Take a look at the range of watches on Bigshopper and compare prices for the best bargains.