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Sectolin makes care, health and protection products for horses, dogs and cats. The company was founded in 1934, at the time selling mainly cosmetic products for adults and babies. Around 1960 the focus shifted to animals and from the 1980s onwards the company has been making mainly pet care products. Sectolin mainly specialises in horse products. The various range includes nutritional supplements, healthy horse treats, worming paste, shampoos and shine sprays. In addition, the company also produces equestrian products under the brand name Chetaime. On Bigshopper you can compare Sectolin's extensive range at your leisure so that you pay the best price for your products.
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Sectolin makes, among other things, high-quality hoof grease for your horse. By using hoof lubricant on a regular basis, you can keep your horse's hooves in optimal condition. The main ingredients of the cream are vaseline and bay laurel. You can easily apply the hoof lubricant by first cleaning the hooves and then applying and rubbing out the hoof lubricant. The range also includes various nutritional supplements for your horse. For example, choose a 100% vegetable muscle builder. The supplement supports muscle building based on freshwater algae and a balanced combination of omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, minerals, carotenoids and antioxidants.

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Under the brand name Chetaime, Sectolin produces, among other things, various horse rugs. For example, choose a warm outdoor rug made of a waterproof and breathable fabric that protects your horse from precipitation and wind. In spring and autumn the blanket also offers protection against colder periods. The rug has running slits for optimal freedom of movement, buttocks, a tail flap and a double adjustable buckle closure on the chest. With a saddle pad of 100% pure Merino wool you protect your horse against pressure spots. In addition, the saddle pad is shock-absorbing for the comfort of your horse. The products are available in different sizes, so you will always find a product that fits your horse well.

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There are more and more products to take care of your four-legged friend. From a dog shampoo that preserves natural skin oils to handy waterproof and reflective collars and a spray for a flea-free environment, in the dog range you will find useful products. Every day thousands of people visit Bigshopper to find the best price. Ordering? Visit the webshop directly where you can order Sectolin products.

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