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It only took a few years to increase the capacity of the hard disks from the gigabyte to the terabyte range. This has contributed to the fact that in addition to the continuously improved storage technology, the need for modern functions and higher efficiency in data storage has grown. Seagate realized this quickly and developed amazingly versatile products for creating, sharing and storing important data and memorable memories, such as photos and videos. As a leading supplier to the storage industry, the company manufactures hard drives to the highest standards and offers practical solutions for fast, accurate and secure data storage in a wide range of systems.

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Powerful Seagate Hard Drives Compare

Since its inception in 1979, Seagate has become the leading provider of storage solutions and hard drives. The company's products include hard drives for storing documents, music recordings and home videos as well as desktop and notebook media for home and business use. Seagate offers the widest range of hard drives and hybrid drives in the industry. The manufacturer's different types of HDDs differ primarily in speed, reliability and storage capacity. The currently largest possible storage capacity per single hard drive is between 6 and 8 TB. Particularly popular with users are drives with a size of 2 TB. Parallel to conventional HDDs, flash memory has been developed and is used in the so-called Solid State Hybrid Drives (SSHD). These hybrid hard drives have both a physical memory and a flash memory element that provides space for frequently used documents and application data. These drives operate silently, consume little power compared to HDDs and have higher read/write speeds.

Compare internal hard drives for notebook and PC

Compare internal hard drives for PC or notebook usually have an interface such as SATA III. The devices are firmly connected to the respective computer via this connection. Desktop PCs usually have at least 2 openings for internal drives. These are suitable for hard disks up to 3.5 inches in size. In this way, the memory of the Desktop PCs can be expanded considerably. Notebooks, on the other hand, require smaller sizes, usually 2.5 inches. Comparing prices can give you a lot of advantages.

Intelligent protection with Seagate hard drives

Hard drives and SSD memories are never completely safe from potential dangers, either due to loss of the storage medium or technical failure. The company has taken this situation into account by equipping storage devices for professional users with special security mechanisms as well as offering the Instant Secure Erase security procedure. The key needed to open the data on the hard disk is re-encrypted if necessary. The data will then be unreadable and therefore unusable by third parties who do not have the correct key. Compare all models at Bigshopper.

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