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The German company Roeckl specialises in the production of gloves. You can choose from a wide range of gloves that are suitable for different conditions, for example for riding or running. The range includes gloves in various colours, sizes and materials that are suitable for children, women and men. Compare the range online on Bigshopper first, so you can order your new gloves at the best price. After comparing, you can directly click through to the webshop of the seller.
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About Roeckl

The Roeckl family business was founded in 1839, six generations ago. The principles from which the family founded the company at the time still hold true today. Roeckl is committed to innovation as well as tradition and quality. They make a relentless effort to develop outstanding products. Thanks to their focus on one product for more than 175 years, the brand is synonymous with wearing comfort and functionality. The gloves have a high-quality fit and excellent materials. The meticulous workmanship completes it all. There is a wide range of products aimed at different activities. You can compare these at your leisure on Bigshopper. For example, you can select by category, retailer or price. When you compare, the lowest price will automatically appear at the top. So you never miss out on the best deal.

The Roeckl

range includes gloves for cycling, running and equestrian sports, as well as cross-country skiing, skiing and outdoor activities. The brand works with professional athletes to develop the best gloves in terms of durability, fit and materials. Recreational athletes also benefit from this close cooperation. The riding gloves, for example, provide an excellent grip on the reins. In addition to gloves for recreational riding, there are also neat white gloves available for competition. You can choose from various materials and combinations, from fleece to leather. The special winter gloves offer a lot of warmth but are still lightweight and breathable.

Outdoor gloves from Roeckl

The outdoor collection is suitable for anyone who likes to be outdoors. Whether it's to let the dog out, go to work or enjoy a fresh winter sport. In winter your hands can cool down quickly due to the low temperatures, wind and humidity. Roeckl's comfortable gloves not only keep your hands warm but also protect them against the elements. The versatile gloves are suitable for everyday use and there is a collection for men, women and children.

Roeckl categories

This brand is strongly represented in these categories: Outdoor Recreation, Sporting Goods